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Ms. Gilsenan - Second Class

Updated: Feb 6

Fr O'Growney
In history the children learned all about Fr Eugene O'Growney, whom the school is named after. They visited his statue in the local church grounds and learned all about his life as a priest and as a key figure in helping to promote the Irish language, culture and customs.

Happy St Brigid's Day
We had a very enjoyable St Brigid's Day. The children made a communal St. Brigid's Day cloak with Ms Mangan's class, which is now stuck up between our two classrooms. In groups the children also completed projects about St Brigid which contain details about her life. Many of the children brought in rushes from home and so we all worked together to make some St Brigid's Day crosses. It was a bit tricky at first but we all cooperated together to help make sure everyone went home with at least one cross.

Alien Stories
Second Class worked very hard over the last few weeks writing alien stories for the Infant classes. This was a long process involving planning the story, writing the first draft and then editing their stories a number of times before completing a final draft. When the children completed their final draft they then created alien masks and rocket ships to go along with their story. We then invited Ms Cahill's, Ms Dalton's, Ms McLoughlin's and Ms Kearney's Junior and Senior Infant classes in to read them to. It was a lovely wholesome experience enjoyed by all.

Tadhg even went home and made his own rocket with his mam and brought it in for us to have a look. Well done Tadhg. It looks amazing.

Alien Invasion
For the last few weeks we had great fun learning about outer space and all the planets in it. In art the children used paper plates to make aliens flying around in their spaceships. Each child also wrote an acrostic alien poem to go with their alien and flying saucer.

Class Poem
We worked as a class to create a lovely poem about our school. The children worked in pairs and each pair came up with a sentence about either our class or our school and made it rhyme. Here is the final result.

Acrostic Name Poems
The children worked very hard in English writing lovely acrostic poems using their names. They are extremely imaginative and creative and some children even challenged themselves to make it rhyme.

Our Goals for 2024

3D Shapes
The children were learning about the names and properties of 3D shapes in Maths all week. At the end of the week the children used matchsticks and blutac to create their very own 3D structures.

Elf on the Shelf
We had a visitor this year from Santa's workshop. It was an elf called Marshmallow. She had great fun keeping an eye on all the children for Santa in the lead up to Christmas, and the children loved her. Some of them even wrote letters to her. Here are some of the antics she got up to while in our class.

Christmas Procedural Writing
Here are the children's Christmas themed procedures.

Our Christmas Play
Here is some of our amazing art work and project work to go along with our Christmas play, "Christmas Around the World".

5 Little Snowmen

Christmas Themed Ornaments & Tea Lights

Christmas Snowflakes

The children used patterned fabric, colours, black paper and glitter to make some beautiful and unique Christmas snowflakes.

Christmas Jumpers

Take a look at the cool Christmas jumpers we made for this years Late Late Toy Show.

Snow Globes

The children wrote up procedures in English about how to create a Christmas snow globe. They planned out the materials needed and wrote out the process step by step in order. This then helped them to accurately create their own snow globes. Aren't they amazing???

The children also wrote up procedures in English on how to create a slowglobe.


We have been focussing on gymnastics in PE for the last number of weeks. Gymnastics lessons consist of teaching the children different jumping techniques, various ways of balancing using different parts of the body, rolls (pencil roll, tucked roll and forward roll) and it encourages them to be creative when travelling from one point to another. Here are some sequences they put together lately in their groups. Enjoy!!


We made slime!!!!!!!!!!
This linked in with our procedural writing in English as we discussed the process of making slime step by step.
It also linked in with exploring materials in science. We were able to note what materials were needed to make slime and how these materials changed when mixed together.

November We Remember

November is a time for us to think about and remember some of our loved ones who have passed. In religion class we made a November We Remember tree full of friends, family members and pets who have passed on but we still think of often and love dearly.

Fairy Homes

To link with our lesson about different types of homes in the locality and homes around the world, the children made fairy homes. They used toilet roll tubes as a base and then let their imaginations run wild to create a magical and unique fairy home.