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Ms. Gilsenan - Second Class

Updated: 4 days ago

The class enjoyed an online mindfulness seminar from Wexford Education Centre. Mindfulness is all about focussing on the present moment, the here and now, and tuning into how your body and mind feels at that moment. The class used playdough during this lesson focussing on how it felt and how they could manipulate it with their hands. After following the video the children each made a beautiful rose. Here are some photos of the results.


Pablo Picasso

In History the class learned about the famous artist Pablo Picasso. They learned some interesting facts about his life and explored some of his work. We focussed on his paintings using the style of Cubism. The children then used this style to inspire them to create their own self portraits.


Butterfly and Caterpillar Hunt

After learning all about the anatomy of the butterfly and it's lifecycle in Science, we all went on a butterfly and caterpillar hunt around the school. They were hard to spot but we found evidence of caterpillars on the leaves of various plants and then two tortoiseshell butterflies sitting together. We spotted some other butterflies too but teacher wasn't quick enough to take the picture!!

The next day Noah brought in a surprise. He found a butterfly and a caterpillar at home in his garden. We all had a close look at them both before releasing them back into nature where they belong. Well done Noah!!!


Outdoor Art

The weather was too nice to do art inside. So we gathered up some chalk and went outside. The children decorated the walking track with beautiful symmetrical butterflies of all shapes, colours and sizes.

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