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Ms. Gilsenan - Second Class

Updated: Mar 18


This week we learned about the Muslim festival of Ramadan, as it will be starting soon and we have a Muslim pupil in our class, Rehan. The class learned about the importance of Ramadan within the Muslim culture and learned about the act of fasting during Ramadan. They also made Ramadan lanterns which are often used to decorate houses during this time.


St Patrick's Day Fun

The class had dun today making leprechaun face masks in preparation for our Lá Glas on Thursday.
Take a look at all the cheeky leprechauns we have in our class.

We also did some St. Patrick's Day themed creative writing. The children wrote about the day they met a leprechaun. They described their leprechaun in detail and wrote about where they found them and where they came from. At the end they pretended their leprechauns granted them three wishes. Ask your child what they wished for. Some of the wishes were very imaginative.

We had fun learning the Irish Céilí Dance called The Siege of Ennis.

On Thursday March 16th we had a whole school show to celebrate St Patrick's Day and Seachtain na Gaeilge. Each class put on a performance. Here is a short video of ours along with Ms Keogh's class.


Report Writing

The class have been practicing their report writing in English over the last two weeks. Last week they used the chromebooks to research and report about a country of their choice. They are all up on display now on the wall outside our classroom.



We planted sunflower seeds last week to help us learn about the importance of plants and trees in our environment. Hopefully they will sprout soon and the children will be able to take them home.

The class also looked at Vincent Van Gogh's painting called 'Sunflowers' and attempted to paint their own version of the painting. The results were fantastic.


Fun in the Snow

Second class enjoyed some fun in the snow today in school. We went out for a little while in the morning to build some snowmen and here are some pictures of the results.


Bridge Experiment

The class have been learning about the topic in weight for the last week in Maths. As an experiment today the children worked in groups to try to make the strongest bridge they could only using two pieces of paper. They manipulated the paper by folding it in different ways and tested out various ways of distributing the weight of the cubes over the bridge, to see how many cubes their bridge could hold without collapsing. Here are some pictures of the results.


Our Spring Poems

The children got their creative juices flowing this week by writing some very interesting spring themed poems. They tried to incorporate as many signs of spring into the poems as possible and some children even incorporated some rhyming into their poems. Have a read of them here!


Musical Instruments

These are our amazing musical instruments which we made from recycled materials!!


Japanese Cherry Blossoms

The class made Japanese Cherry Blossoms in art class. They applied the technique of pointillism to create them using cotton buds and paint.


Our New Zealand Haka

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