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Online Chess Tournaments

The first online chess tournaments of the year will take place on Wednesday the 30th November at 1:30pm and there will be a further tournament taking place at 6:05pm that evening for children who wish to take part.

In order to play the tournament the children will have to register an account on

I will put up a video showing you how to do that.

They will also have to follow a link to join the O' Growney 22/23 chess club on Parents will be required to fill out a permission slip using google forms to show that their child has been given permission to play.

Step 1: Register account on See video below

Step 2: Join the O' Growney NS 22/23 chess club. Follow the link and click join team

Step 3: Fill out the Google Form to show you have gotten permission. You will not be accepted into the group until this form is completed.

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