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Mr. Sheridan - Sixth Class

Updated: 3 days ago

Youtube links to Halloween Songs

Some of the lyrics are slightly different but just learn the lyrics on the sheets that we gave you.

Spirits -

Yesterday -

Covid 19 -

I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight -

Scream on -


Easter Blitz Chess Championship

The children had great fun taking part in the Easter Blitz Chess Championship. With only 5 minutes to win the match the children had to think fast and play quick or risk running out of time. Well done to all involved.



The children learned all about WW1 in their history class over the last month. They were particularly fascinated to learn about the life of a soldier living in a trench and the awful conditions that they faced. As part of our art lesson the children created their very own dioramas re-creating a trench from WW1. From the fire step, to the dug outs, to the ladders leading up onto No Man's Land it's safe to say they did a great job.


Snow Day Fun!

The girls took on the boys in a snowman building contest. Much fun was had.


St Brigid's Day

To celebrate St Brigid's Day we made our very own St Brigid's Crosses. I think you'd agree they turned out great.

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