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Ms. Kilcommins - Fourth Class

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Marking the Occasion of Mr. Brennan's Retirement:

Lá Glas

End of Year Portfolios:

Some 3D Construction Fun:

The children were delighted to receive a Special Award for their class entry in the St. Patrick's Parade Committee's Art Competition 2023. They received a lovely Easter hamper filled with delicious treats!

We decided to integrate the theme for Catholic Schools Week 2023 with our Art work on St. Brigid and St. Valentine.

The children participated in the Someone Like Me Art Competition. This competition aims to promote disability awareness among primary school pupils to give a greater understanding of what unites children of different abilities.

We explored "weaving" as a metaphor for life. We discussed the physical process of weaving and decided to physically practise this as part of our class project entry.

We decided to weave wool around the letters of the words: SOMEONE LIKE ME and also to weave hearts. The uniqueness of each design links to our uniqueness as individuals. Our bringing of all the individual pieces together as a whole links to the inclusive nature of our lives and to how our lives are interwoven.

Finally we discussed some appropriate slogans and agreed that the slogan: Someone Like Me weaves well-being and love was very fitting for our class project.

Although we did not win the competition; the children each received a lovely Certificate of Participation. Also a very kind email of appreciation for our class entry was received.

Gaeilge & Art:

Christmas Art:

Autumnal Art:

Halloween Art & Costumes:


The children interviewed their grandparents and parents on their memories of school.

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