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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

We've been busy.....


Science Week

Our class was very busy during Science Week.

We made Oobleck and discovered it can be both a solid and a liquid. This is called a non newtonian fluid.

We used spaghetti pasta and marshmallows to create 3 D structures.

We wanted to find out how germs might affect how bread decays so we rubbed bread onto various classroom objects and our own hands and observed the changes caused by the germs.


We love art and decided to find out more about the artist Paul Klee.

He was a Swiss born German artist. He experimented with alot of different styles of drawing and painting. He is famous for the idea of 'taking a line for a walk'.

We looked at his ideas of patterns created from three or four bright colours.

He loved to draw fish and cats in bright colours.

We learned about how he was influenced by World War 2 and was not popular during that time.

Klee was an inspiration for us to try and illustrate our dreams.

The Incas

We learned all about the lifestyles, art, traditions and culture of the Incas.

These were South American people who ruled a vast empire from 1200 to 1533 AD.

They built over 3000km of roads.

Their capital city Cusco was in Peru.

The ruins of the Inca city of Machu Picchu are some of the world's most famous.

Incas worshipped several gods and often wore masks inspired by the gods during ceremonies.

We used clay to make our own Inca masks.

Wonderful Weaving.....

We were inspired by the idea of St. Bridget's Cloak and decided to experiment with fabrics.

We chose a variety of bright coloured wool to weave our own designs in a circular pattern.

By creating a loom on a paper plate, we were able to weave the wool over and under the the threads to create individual patterns.

Celebrating St. Patrick....

We learned all about St Patrick's life in the fifth century. He was from Wales and brought to Ireland by pirates. He was sold as a slave and later escaped to Britain. After he became a bishop, he returned to Ireland. He taught the Irish people all about God. He used our shamrock to help us understand God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

St Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th all over the world to honour Patrick. Thousands of people attend Mass, wear green, wear shamrock and lots of us watch and take part in parades.

Alot of our class will be walking in the Athboy parade with their clubs on Friday.

We took part in our school parade today as we walked through Athboy. We really enjoyed seeing all the smiling faces as we made our way through the busy streets in our green finery.

this Friday.

We took part in our own school parade through Athboy

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