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Ms. Cahill - Senior Infants

Updated: Mar 5

The Land of Make Believe

We had an amazing time in the land of make believe.

We had so much fun exploring.

We made a wish on the wishing bench.

We met the Wizard of Oz!

At the end, we jumped off the Viking ship and rolled down the hill at the Pirates den. We had so much fun.

Sports Day 2023

We had a great Sports Day this year. In the morning we played with chalk and then played soccer.

After little lunch, we were busy with Athletics. We were jumping hurdles, racing, long jump and then our favourite the three legged race.

After Athletics, we all got ice cream and popcorn from the ice cream van.

In the afternoon, we had more fun in the sun playing with the parachute and having a tyre race. We had a great day.

Teddy Bear Picnic

We had a great day with our teddy bears in school. We talked about our teddy bears in circle time and we wrote about them too. We then brought our teddies outside for a picnic. We had a lovely day.

School Tour 2023

We were very excited to go on our first school tour to Causey Farm. The first half of the day we seen lots of animals and had a wellie throw competition.

We had lots of fun making giant bubbles,

We all played together with the wooden blocks.

Lastly, we went on a train ride and completed the "mineshaft" tunnels.

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